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Helping families with numerous challenges: Assistance Home Care

Senior Safety
Nothing is worse than worrying about a loved one at home.  Let's face it...Living at home when you are elderly is not for the faint of heart.   Without the proper support, accidents are likely to occur.  Don't wait for something to happen.  Assistance Home Care caregivers put your loved one's safety first.

Senior Nutrition
Malnutrition and dehydration are very real issues for your aging loved ones and can have serious consequences if not looked after.   Assistance Home Care home helpers can help with shopping, planning and preparing nutritious and tasty meals for your loved one to enjoy.

Senior Cleanliness
It's amazing just how many seniors stop taking showers or keeping up with their personal hygiene because of the fear of falling while getting into or out of the shower and not wanting to ask for help.  Personal hygiene and housekeeping are often more than an aging parent can do without help. Assistance Home Care caregivers help with bathing, dressing and oral care for cleanliness and hygiene. They also do light housekeeping, which helps provide more quality time for family interaction and visits.

Senior Companionship
It's so hard when one loses their ability to drive or to be able to come and go without the assistance of another.  Losing one's independence can often lead to ability to social isolation and depression which are increasingly common among aging seniors. One of the biggest items that our care team provides is bringing much needed companionship into one's day and taking an active interest in their hobbies, interest, goals and life experiences.

Senior Transportation
It's hard to be in two places at once!  Our care team can help provide transportation assistance using the client's car or their own to help one get to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, sight seeing or helping one keep in touch with friends and family.  Allowing one with the opportunity to come and go as they please is so important and can make it much easier for the family caregiver.

Senior Medications
It's no secret that Seniors take medicines - often more than we care to admit. A major issue with aging in place for a senior, especially one with cognitive declines is forgetting to take their medications.  Whether not taking their medications or taking too many of a medication can lead to serious issues.  With our medication reminder program, our caregivers remind them to take their medicines. On time, as prescribed and as often as necessary. 


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