Why Hire an Agency over a Private Hire

Assistance Home Care is a full employment-based, non-medical home care agency. As a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Homecare Association of American (HCAOA), we work hard to ensure our employees are skilled and qualified to provide care. We monitor employees through client feedback, supervision in the home on a routine basis, ongoing mandatory training, and telephony.

Assistance Home Care withholds all mandated taxes from our employees and pays all employer taxes so you don't have to worry about the IRS. You may also be able to deduct our caregiver expenses on medical care on your taxes.  We also bond and insure (liability, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance and non-owned automobile insurance) our caregivers so that you don't have to worry if our caregiver gets hurt on the job. Assistance Home Care provides 24 hour telephone coverage by an office employee for emergencies and additional services. We also provide back-up care in the event that your caregiver is ill, on vacation or has an emergency.

The Home Care Association of America outlines some of the risks of hiring a private caregiver for consumers to use as a resource in deciding whether to hire privately or use a home care agency. A few of these risks include payroll tax responsibilities, work-related injuries, abuse and exploitation as well as supervision of the private caregiver. For more information on this please review our recent posts on this very subject:

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