Finding Dependable Live In Home Care in St Louis and St Charles

Posted by Allen Serfas on Sun, Nov 6, 2011 @ 09:40 AM

St Louis 24 Hour Live in Home Care

For St Charles and St Louis seniors, finding trustworthy live-in home care can be one of the most difficult tasks with which a family is charged. Quite often a live in home care aide is the person who will spend the most time with your parent or loved one and they can have a huge impact on an elder's quality of life. Though finding the right agency and caregiver can be stressful, once you have and they have begun their work, you will notice significant changes in your loved one's temperament and emotional well being. By understanding some of the traits that are shared by all great caregivers, you can make the task of finding the right agency to work with easy.

The first tip that those searching for a caregiver should always follow is to work with agencies that hold their employees to the highest standards. Working with an agency, as opposed to finding a home care or home health aide on your own, will streamline your search and ensure that the professional caregiver you choose is properly licensed in Missouri, has passed a criminal and personal background check and has received the appropriate training to do the job for which they were hired. In addition, with the support of a full service home
care agency
behind you, you never have to worry about covering shifts if your aide needs to take time off for any reason. An agency will have a backup or relief caregiver ready to go.

Be clear about your expectations before the agency and caregiver starts their duties. It is important that the family, the senior and caregiver are all on the same page. Even the best home health aide cannot live up to expectations that you do not set. By initiating the conversation early, you set the relationship up for success - ensuring that your expectations of duties, responsibilities and work hours are met.

Finding the right St Louis live in care provider can take much of the stress off of adult children and give them the peace of mind that comes with knowing loved ones are in good hands. Working with a reputable live in care agency that screens each of their employees carefully assures that the person you invite into your parent's home is deserving of your confidence and trust. Good luck and of course feel free to call us at 855-635-HELP (4357). We really are here to help!

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St. Louis Home Care - Finding a Dependable Agency

Posted by Allen Serfas on Sun, Nov 6, 2011 @ 09:23 AM

Why use a St Louis home care agency instead of hiring your own caregiver? Because hiring your own caregiver is fraught with hassles, risks and legal exposures. You are hiring an independent contractor, so you as the employer are liable for obtaining background checks, verifying experience and supervising the caregiver. If you hire a St Louis caregiver yourself, you need to abide by St Louis, MO state and federal laws. You will need to arrange and purchase workers compensation insurance (a difficult task in itself), establish a tax account and pay taxes (usually quarterly) for your "independent contractor". You will also need an employment agreement to bind the relationship and protect yourself from legal action brought by a disgruntled caregiver. With so much to do in the process of finding dependable home health care, it is no wonder why the residents of the greater St Louis and St Charles area are choosing to use the services of reputable home care agencies to assist and care for their aging loved ones.

While these agencies offer both medical and or non-medical assistance, it is important to do your research to decide which agency offers the most qualified professional caregivers at an affordable out-of-pocket cost. Avoid hiring your own independent caregiver and research senior care agencies in your area. Before you choose a specific provider, compose a list of St Louis home care providers in your area and learn more about their services and most importantly their reputation. Gaining an insight into the provider's track record in the senior care field will ultimately give you the confidence you need to make the best decision.

Start by reviewing your list and seeing how long each provider has been in business. While the number of years may not be a good determining factor, this in combination with other factors may assist you in your endeavor. Read up on the literature provided by the agency to find out about eligibility, services offered, costs, funding options and payment forms accepted. And of course, don't be shy. Pick up the phone and call them. Tell them your story and see how they respond. Were they warm? Considerate? Not pushy? Did they seem knowledgeable about home care and senior care in general? Sometimes you will know an agency is right by the warmth and professionalism they convey. If they pass that test, dig a little deeper and probe some more.

Another important factor to consider is how the service provider or agency selects and trains their caregivers. Research and background checks are required and experience must be verified. A home care plan will also be extremely important, as family members can be advised of progress or of a deteriorating condition of the client. Ask about these important points when speaking to an agency representative.

While these are just a few of the many important factors that will give you insight into the reputation and professionalism of a home care or health care agency in St Louis, they are each important in their own way. Create your own selection checklist and follow it to make a well-educated decision. Good luck and of course feel free to call us at 855-635-HELP (4357). We really are here to help!

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